Spare parts and accessories for sewing machines
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 11/05/2021   time: 17:28
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        ( 06/05/2021 )
Dear customer, our price list now contains about 60.000 active items and is available through a handy program that is called ANIlist.
This program has many functions, the most important are:

The full program can be downloaded by clicking on the download button on this page.
If you have already installed on your computer, the new new installation will update only the files of the program and keeping your codes and notes if you have entered.
After installation, to work, the program requires a new password to activate it and that you must be requested by e-mail or telephone.
The password will allow you to use the program for 1 year and there will be no longer required every time you download updates from this site.

For any information please contact us.

Good job.
Anichini S.r.l.

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